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Established in 2011, Shanghai Mingsheng Detergent Builder Co. is a specialized producer of a variety of surfactants and detergents. The company was founded by industry experts with years of accumulated experience and we utilize their talents to supply our customers with high quality CAB, CAO, CEMA, etc.

Our annual output near the beginning of our operation was about 3,000 tons and that number was doubled in just 3 years. From there, our output has continued to grow by 10 percent each year. We have grown our product line over the years thanks to in-house development efforts and cooperation with our outstanding partners. Today, we produce more than 20 surfactants, allowing us to greater serve our customers.

With this expansion of products and production scale, we were faced with a new challenge of reducing waste. We began producing products with a high rate of biodegradation in order to maintain growth and protect the environment at the same time.

The relationships that we have established with our customers and suppliers are vital to our company. We work closely with our suppliers in order to ensure mutual satisfaction and we use the high quality materials to deliver high quality end products to the customer. Superior quality comes from superior efforts.

We believe in providing these high quality surfactants at an affordable cost to our customers and we make great efforts to maintain low costs without ever sacrificing the quality of the delivered goods.

As a private enterprise with a 10,000 ton annual output, we understand what our customers want and what they really need because we communicate with them. Instead of just providing them what we produce, we always spare no effort to listen to their feedback, which in return helps us to improve our products. In this way, we can truly meet their demands. We believe that customer satisfaction leads to enterprise satisfaction and not the other way around. That is why we always do everything we can to ensure customers get exactly what they are looking for and want to keep coming back.

Shanghai Mingsheng Detergent Builder Co., Ltd.

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