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Dodecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride (1231)

Alternate name: Dodecyltrimethylammonium Chloride
Molecular formula: C15H34ClN
Molecular weight: 263.89
CAS Number: 112-00-5

Features and Applications
DTAC is capable of sterilizing and resisting static electricity buildup. It is usually used as an antibacterial agent in industrial and agricultural areas and anti-static agent and softener for the synthesis of fiber and leather. When used in a industrial water treatment system, it is able to kill bacteria and algae, remove mud and clean the whole system. DTAC can also be applied for the formulation of hair conditioner, protein flocculant, latex foaming agents, metal detergents and rubber emulsifiers. It can also work as an emulsifier of water-in-oil emulsion mud during well drilling processes.

Physicochemical Indexes

Index Value
Appearance Colourless to light yellow transparent liquid
PH (1%undefined aqueous solution) 4.0~8.0
Free Amine Content (%) 2.0max
Active Matter Content (%) 30±2
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