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Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB)

Alternate name: Cocoamido propyl betaine
Molecular formula: C19H38N2O3
Molecular weight: 342.52
CAS Number86438-79-1

Features and Applications
With excellent foaming capabilities, CAPB is able to ensure a stable and fine foam. It also features great compatibility with almost all kinds of surfactants. Blended with other surfactants, CAPB will create some transparent liquid or gel products. CAPB increases foaming and cleaning capabilities and enhances the viscosity of the products. Meanwhile, product irritation will be significantly reduced.

A compound of CAPB and anionic surfactant is able to improve the viscosity of materials in an environment with PH values ranging from 5.5 to 6.5. CAPB is also capable of softening, sterilizing and withstanding static electricity.

CAPB is a mild ampholytic surfactant and it imposes no irritation on skin and eye mucus membranes at all. It is widely applied for the formulation of hair conditioners, shampoos, bath wash, facial cleanser and baby care products. It is also a good choice of softener in printing and dyeing applications.

CAPB is packaged in plastic buckets and the net weight per bucket is 200 kilogram.

Physicochemical Indexes

Index Value
CAB-35 CAB-30
Sodium Chloride Content (%) 6Max 6Max
Solid Content (%) 35Min 30Min
Glycerol Content (%) 3Max 2.5Max
Color (APHA) 100 100
Active Matter Content (%) 29~31 24~26
Free Amine Content (%) 2Max 1Max
PH Value 4.0~7.0 4.0~7.0
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